• A lot more than just a theme park capital, Orlando has transformed into a gastronomic destination with a myriad of food choices for just about every appetite. And just like its cousins, Miami and Tampa, Orlando boasts some of the most fabulous Cuban restaurants with Florida. Now, if you're particularly looking for the best Cuban sandwich in Orlando, then look no further. Los Autenticos Sandwich Cuban Café on E. Colonial Drive is arguably the best Cuban café in Orlando, fl. Read on below to find out why.

    Excellent Food - As expected from an 8 plus year old cafe, this quaint hole-in-the-wall has undoubtedly perfected Cuban fare to the tiniest detail. No wonder tourists together with locals alike frequent this place every chance possible--especially for their breakfast items that are available anytime of the morning. What truly makes Los Autenticos a cut above the rest and among other Orlando Cuban restaurants is usually that, it constantly offers not only tasty but fresh, homemade Cuban dishes, with zero scrimping relating to the finest ingredients. The result? Great-tasting food that instantly takes you back to the Caribbean, without having to leave Orlando. Usual crowd pleasers are Cuban sandwiches (by far, the best Cuban sandwich in Orlando), Pulled Pork, tostones (fried plantains), fresh fruit smoothies, coffee and flan, just to list some of the many delectable house specialties with Los Autenticos.

    Welcoming Ambiance - This charming, little Cuban café is like one of your favorite hang-out places--casual and laid-back, cozy and intimate, ideal for those spontaneous small get-togethers. "L. A. " is just that--unpretentious, no-frills, just pure Cuban thrills all the way! Plus, with its free Wi-Fi access, browse on your laptop whenever you please, while enjoying a delish Cuban sub paired with a refreshing shake.

    Friendly Service - Practically nothing kills superb food and great atmosphere than bad service, which is nonexistent at this Cuban café Orlando, florida. In fact , no matter how busy Los Autenticos gets, the owner and the rest of his staff never omit to pleasantly accommodate their customers, which is evident right from the moment you step into the café. The employees meet you with a smile, and are all set to take your order and or suggest a good Cuban meal with regard to first timers. Afterwards, there's virtually no waiting time involved, as the food is served in next to no time. Discover more best Cuban coffee

    Good deal - Surprisingly, for such appetizing Cuban cuisine and exceptional service, their prices are very affordable. Taking into account its hefty portions, it's just unbelievably inexpensive. One sandwich can either feed two people or satiate one hungry man. Here, you can experience the best Cuban sandwich in Orlando and enjoy a full meal with regard to $10.

    Hungry or not, if you find yourself near East Orlando area, be sure to swing by at Los Autenticos Sandwich Cuban Café to sample their yummy menu items. Done with theme parks? Take a side visit to this café, which is only 25-minutes away from Orlando International Airport. Promise, it's going to be worth it.

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  • The online market place is a great resource for food lovers. You can find everything from recipes to home delivery of gourmet meals. World foods are a real treat that you can explore and enjoy.

    In this article, we will explore Cuban food and offer people an easy recipe. There is a wonderful variety of Cuban food available such as coffee, fruits & jellies, rice containers, sauces, spices, teas, meats, seafood, desserts, cookies & crackers.

    Explore the tastes of light in addition to dark coffee and cappuccino; Café Bustelo, Café Pilon, Café El Pico and several others.

    Mango along with Guava are used for a variety of fruit dishes and jellies such as Conchita Guava Shells, La Cubanita Mango Cream and La Fe Guava Paste.

    Rice dishes are very popular, including those produced by Goya; Paella Dinner, Rice & Black Beans, Rice & Pigeon Peas and tasteful Yellow Rice.

    Several salsas and spices add variety to the meals. Brands include Badia, Batey, Conchita and Goya. There is a little everything to add additional flavor to your meals.

    Teas are a favorite in the Cuban food line; several options from Chamomile to Mango are available.

    Even meats can be purchased, Goya Chorizos (sausages), Pamplona Mussels in Brine, Pamplona Octopus in Oil and Sauce.

    For dessert, there is Goya Flan, Majarete and Tembleque. Like a variety of Gilda and La Estrella crackers and cookies with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea leaf.

    Declare an International Food night and include the Cuban dish below.

    Spanish Sausage and Peppers

    1 Goya Chorizo Sausage

    Olive Oil

    1 Pepper (Your choice of sweet, red, cayenne, chili, etc . )

    Sherry white vinegar

    Fresh parsley, roughly chopped

    Chop sausage into bite size chunks. Put olive oil into a frying container and fry sausage on high heat. Let the fat from the sausage come out into the oil. Cut the spice up into bite size squares. Turn the sausage and add the pepper to the pan. Add a splash of water of vinegar and the parsley and then mix everything. Skewer pieces of sausage and pepper with toothpicks and even put onto a warm plate and serve.

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